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Tennessee Tuffy Baits
2810 Oakcliff Court
Johnson City , TN. 37601


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This procedure is reccomended for most all crankbaits.

STEP 1 - TEST Cast your bait about 20 ft. in front of you and retrieve the bait back with the rod tip pointed at the bait. if the bait runs straight back to the rod tip or just slightly to the left or right there is no need to tune the crankbait. However if the bait runs more than 6 in. off to the left or right of rod tip you should tune your bait.

STEP 2 - TUNING Take bait in hand with the lip pointing towards you. If bait runs right bend wire tie eye slightly to the left.If bait runs left bend wire tie eye to the right slightly. Try step 1 again. If bait still runs right or left follow step 2 again until the bait runs straight.